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Sweet Gum Trees

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Product Description

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Characteristics of Sweet Gum Trees

  • Produces a pleasant scent from the leaves and bark
  • Often seen in parks or along walkways
  • Star-shapped, glossy green foliage through spring and summer
  • Displays fiery colors during autumn
  • Produces spiny, round seed pods during the winter that are favorites among squirrels and birds
  • The tree produces sap that is lovely smelling and was used by Native Americans for medical purposes

Important Facts

Has a large root system

Can reach heights of 100 feet

The trunk is about three feet wide

Grows in wooded areas and is easily identified by star-shapped leaves

Growing zones: 2-6


Sweet Gum Trees Produce "Fruit"

The Sweet Gum Tree produces what are referred to as "gumballs". They look like small ornaments, are brown, and may contain as many as 50 seeds, which are eaten by squirrels, birds, and chipmunks. These "gumballs" stay throughout the winter and fall in the early spring.


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