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Product Description

Huckleberry for Sale

Scientific Name: Vaccinium caespitosum, Huckleberry

Characteristics of Huckleberry

  • A small very low maintenance shrub
  • Produces berries in the summer that add a dash of color varying from dark purple to dark red
  • The berries can be used in many recipes or even eaten raw
  • Berries are similar to blueberries in appearance but taste different and have larger seeds
  • Pest and disease resistant
  • Once established it can survive most droughts
  • Prefers to grow in well drained moist soils


Important Facts

USDA Climate Zone: 2 - 7

Shrub Height: 6 feet

Shrub Width: 4 – 6 feet

Soil Type: Moist, well-drained soils, adaptable

Sun: Prefers full sunlight to light shade

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